Augusts Offerings!

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I have been busy in the leather shop creating some spankers and straps!

Please email me at with any questions, special requests or to have me hold one of these spankers for ya!


Factory 2nd’s SALE!

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Factory seconds, minor blemishes, missed stitch, etc. Nothing to detract from the pleasure of it’s use, just a cosmetic blemish or two.

$30 includes shipping!


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Greetings! Thanks for visiting!

I make leather goods for various industries and one of my more popular products are leather spankers, these have taken “life of their own” and now have THIS web space! 

Everything is made by me in my leather shop here in Vermont.

Made from domestic leather, I bond 2+ layers of leather together, cut into a handy spanking size then sew them up! Available in Natural (the most popular), Black, Chestnut, Pink and  now in various exotics like Buffalo, Hippo (SOFT!),  Croc and some exotic prints like Alligator, Lizard and MUCH MUCH more. I have hides coming in weekly, check here for photos of the latest leather and have me make one for you!

Custom work is my speciality, but email me for stocked items.


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